Where is Safe to Vacation in 2020?

2020 has been a rough year for most of us. From crippling unemployment, to fear of Coronavirus transmission, we are certainly facing a unique year. Many Americans fear that a second wave of the Coronavirus is unavoidable. While there are some risks, that does not mean that you and your family shouldn’t take a much needed vacation this year. We will take a look at some of the more popular vacation spots, and assess if a visit would be beneficial. 

The Beach

While a trip to the beach is one of the more stereotypical vacations, would you be at risk in taking a trip to the Atlantic or Pacific coasts? The short answer is no. Typically, many people congregate at the beach, but there is typically enough distance between visitors to avoid any potential infection. Properly maintaining social distancing should also help you avoid any potential infection. 

Evidence seems to suggest that the Coronavirus cannot survive very long in direct sunlight, or high levels of heat. The heat of a nice Southern California or Florida beach in conjunction with following proper social distancing guidelines should keep your travels safe for the season.

Big Cities

While staying on the beach, with a lot of distance may prevent infection with COVID, you may not fare as well on a trip to a large city. New York City and Los Angeles are both beautiful places, with tons of activities that are sure to keep you and your family busy. The risks of taking a trip to one of these cities is immense, however. With summer upon us, many individuals are heading outside after being locked indoors for the past several months. While we can all agree that we could all use a little Vitamin D, what we cannot use is a case of Coronavirus.

If you must travel to a large city for work, by all means do not delay your trip. You must, however insure that you are abiding by all social distancing requirements, and wearing personal protective equipment. You may face issues in trying to accumulate PPE in a large city, especially with widespread shortages across the country. While big cities may be receiving more inventory, there is also an extremely high number of people competing to gain access to this equipment.

The Great Outdoors

Going to a national or state park is our preferred choice for vacationing in 2020 for many reasons. First off, the sheer beauty of our country is breathtaking. If you haven’t had a chance to see all sides of the United States, you are truly missing out. From the sheer cliffs of the Grand Canyon, to the majestic mountains of Appalachia, our country has so much to offer in terms of beauty. 

Taking an adventure in the great outdoors also affords you many luxuries that are not available when travelling to a heavily populated area. Nothing screams social distancing quite like backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, with the only other humans in sight being your family.

If your are not accustomed to camping, there are many more accommodations that may offer more comfort. Glamping, a trend that has been rapidly growing over the past several years may offer what you are looking for. Glamping is the same as camping, except with a touch of luxury. You will have running water, your tent will more closely resemble a hotel room than a canvas shell, and you will have access to guides and local experts, to make your trip that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Vacationing in the Great Outdoors also opens the possibility to RVing. Getting a large Class A motorhome can accommodate you and up to 15 of your closest friends. Simply park at your destination, and vacation has started. You also have the freedom to come and go as you please. After all, your hotel room and camp is on wheels. 


I know, I know, who wants to stay home during a vacation. Especially when you have been locked up in your house for the past three months, anxiously awaiting the Coronavirus lockdown to be over. If you have vulnerable family members, a staycation may be your safest bet.

Staying at home also doesn’t have to be boring. You can arrange games and activities that will spice things up a bit, and make you feel as if you are in the tropics. This may be easier to do if you have young children in your family. You can set up a “camp ground” in your back yard to make them feel as if they are on the trip of a lifetime. Activities such as slip and slides and sprinklers can be set up to make the kids feel as if they are at their own waterpark.

International Travel

While this may automatically trigger a “no” from you, don’t think so fast. Sure, plenty of areas have been hit very hard by the virus, but many areas are faring very well. Some of the Nordic countries for instance, seem to be showing a high resistance to the virus. Africa also has been showing extremely slow growth of the virus.

International travel will however come with a plethora of extra precautions that need to be taken in order to make the trip not only enjoyable, but safe. Keep in mind that many countries have extensive travel bans in place, so extra care will need to be taken before spending thousands of dollars on an exotic retreat. 

Many countries are taking the virus extremely seriously, and want to ensure that the virus does not spread in their country. Be prepared to have your temperature taken upon arrival to a new country, and answer a long list of questions. Do not take offense at this, every country is simply trying to ensure that their citizens are staying safe. 

Stay Safe

We could all use a good vacation. And while we want to have fun in the sun this summer, we don’t want to expose ourselves, or our loved ones to any risk. Remember to always take the proper precautions. Social distance, and stay safe this summer. We will get through this and come out stronger than ever before.